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Non-Toxic 4-year Flea and Tick Protection

Pet Protector Medallion for 4 year flea and tick protection for your pet

  •  Repels Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitos & All External Parasites

  •  Lasts up to 4 years with a 30-day money back guarantee

  •  NON-toxic and chemical free

  •  NO smells, water resistant

  •  Scientifically Proven;  96.7% Effective Protection

  •  100% safe with NO side-effects

  •  It's effective with dogs and cats of any age (including newborns), any weight, also sick, convalescing and pregnant pets

Are You Poisoning Your Pets and Your Family?

August 10, 2013 in Animal and Pet Health

For most pet owners, their pet is a beloved family member.  

But are you aware that you are accidentally poisoning your pet with spot-on treatments and outdoor fertilizers

Not only are you poisoning your pets but these toxic anti-parasite products have devastating effects on your children’s health too.

Watch this video from KNBC Joel Grover Investigation

Chemical Risks of Flea & Tick Control

Barbara J. Andrews, Publisher / April 2011

In order to work, all such flea and tick treatments act as whole-body poison and all, including heartworm prevention, can cause toxicity which ultimately results in immune system failure. 


Continuous use of parasite control products can actually kill your dog but the ultimate irony is that symptoms of poisoning usually are misdiagnosed as a flea allergy! In March 2010, the EPA issued warnings about spot-on flea products but all flea and tick prevention products cause allergies and chronic exposure weakens the canine immune system. No host animal is allergic to its natural parasites. Read more....

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