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English Springer Spaniel Puppies in Kansas/ Holistic Premium Dog Food//NuVet Plus  

                                     WELCOME!                                                                                                                                                                  We are delighted to have you stop by. Please enjoy our website and our beautiful dogs and puppies.                                Also, check out our well-researched holistic products for the health and longevity of your precious pet.

After 40 years of raising wonderful Springers, we have retired our dogs and will no longer be raising puppies.
My daughter Jessalyn, however, continues to raise an occasional litter.  Feel free to contact her.  
See her Facebook page:  Jessalyn's English Springer Spaniels

English Springer Spaniel Champion Winterwood Romeo

Our champion!  Winterwood Romeo

                                                            Winterwood English Springer Spaniel Puppies!  Located near Olathe, KS.  



Black/white and Liver/white Tri's
 *Contact JESSALYN

Puppies from a previous litter 


Winterwood Legacy!!!

"TUCKER" is well on his way to 

becoming a champion! 

Shown by Natalie Piche


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